Dr Lisa Vosper

Dr. Lisa S. Vosper

On the 1st Sunday in August, between her 4th and 5th grade years of elementary school, a lovable and loquacious little girl embraced Jesus as her Lord and personal Savior, marking her baptism. Not long afterwards, she led a classmate to Christ, sowing the seeds that would shape Dr. Lisa S. Vosper into the Inspired Leader, Die-hard Believer, Relentless Faith Activator, Transformational Speaker, Coach, and Mentor, and dedicated MotivangelistTM she is today. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, this Louisiana Girl is a proud “Tiguar” claiming her allegiance to both Tigers and Jaguars, holding a PhD from LSU and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Southern University. With nearly three decades of multifaceted leadership, she’s a fierce collaborator, passionate about issues yet profoundly compassionate towards people. She’s a cherished auntie, an unwaveringly devoted daughter and sibling, a nurturing mother figure, and a loyal friend and “Scrunchie girl” to her battle buddies. Dr. Lisa embodies God’s Grace in action, dedicated to unlocking human potential and transforming lives by sharing her inspirational journey of faith resilience.


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A catalyst for change, she possesses an extraordinary ability to ignite faith, motivate, and help others discover their purpose. Dr. Vosper is a sought-after keynote speaker, celebrated for her unique fusion of faith activation, life coaching, and transformational prowess. Her approach empowers individuals to grasp the vital role of FAITH in overcoming obstacles, conquering challenges, unleashing potential, shifting from procrastination to predestination, and attaining greatness. Her undeniable impact uplifts and inspires others to believe, achieve, and succeed. She lives by the mantra: ‘DECREE what you want to see; SEE what you want to be; and then BE what you decree,’ a testament to her unwavering belief in shaping one’s destiny through voice-activated faith, vision, and determination. Dr. Lisa’s life and work exemplify the profound impact of embracing this mantra, helping others manifest and live their dreams to the glory of God.
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